Discover innovation – The new item products for 2018/I

Welcome to the world of digital engineering! The latest new products catalogue contains more than 50 additions to the item building kit systems. What’s more, the new item Engineeringtool® considerably reduces your development time thanks to rules-based engineering and automatic error correction.

You can download the catalogue as a PDF or read it direct in your browser as an e-paper. You can find information and technical details for all the new products, and the 3500 other components in the item building kit systems, in the item Online Shop.



Online tools

The innovative item Engineeringtool® offers comprehensive support for engineering and configuration tasks. The software factors in the characteristics of all components, incorporates a user-friendly 3D engineering module and always uses the right accessories.

Also new: The latest versions of item MotionDesigner® and item MotionSoft® support all the new additions to the item Automation System. 

Try out the item Engineeringtool® 


MB Building Kit System

Ever wanted to build space-saving folding doors in next to no time? Now you can, thanks to the tried-and-tested door solution that uses item Clamp Profiles 8 32x18 and the new T-Slot Slider 8 for Corner-Fastener 8 32x18! The T-Slot Slider uses the Line 8 groove of the door frame as a guide.

Also new: Profile 8 320x40 I for accommodating high point loads and distributed loads.

Discover all the new products in the MB Building Kit System in the item Online Shop.



Work Bench System

Work benches can now be fitted with an entirely manual stepless height adjustment system. A cranked handle on Table Column Set 4 80x40 H adjusts four hydraulic table legs in sync, while six Line 8 system grooves ensure consistent compatibility. It is the perfect solution for custom, mobile work benches!

You can also find all the details on the new additions to the Work Bench System in the item Online Shop!


Lean Production Building Kit System

The new coloured Slide Strips D30 show you at a glance what belongs where. They can be used to colour code frames and as low-friction profile protection. Five new colours ranging from green and blue through to red are available.

Also new: Roller D30/D6-16 T1 enhances process reliability in Karakuri/low-cost automation applications. There’s also Table Column Set 4 D40 H for steplessly height-adjustable work benches that don’t need an electric drive.

You can find all the new additions to the Lean Production Building Kit System in the item Online Shop.


Line XMS

One horizontal strut for doors on two levels! Thanks to new Profile X 8 80x40 2N K15 2T - XMS, you can easily build two door frames with one closed, seamless outer side and protect both levels from noise and dust.

CAD data and other technical details can be found in the item Online Shop.


Automation System

The new item servomotors with absolute encoder only need one homing run. After that, the Controller can use the integrated capacitive multiturn absolute encoder to determine how many revolutions there have been on the motor shaft as measured in relation to the set zero point – even if the system was powered down beforehand.

Also new: The I/O Interface Module (C Series) connects the signal cables from the system with the digital inputs and outputs of the item C series Controllers. What’s more, the robust Slide Stop LRE 8 ensures that the carriage stays within its permitted travel range when operational and during start-up.


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