The benefits for your lean production at a glance

Extremely easy to use
Fastening technology that exhibits long-term stability
Constructions that can be easily adapted
Compatible to entire item product range
Lean processes with Profile Tube System D30

Lean processes with Profile Tube System D30

The lean system for building your factory equipment   

Profile Tube system D30 is ideal for building sophisticated, solution-oriented factory equipment fast. It is exactly what you need to implement the successful concepts of lean production in your plants, continuously optimise material supply and production processes, and thus lower costs.

The flexible Lean Production Building Kit System from item can easily adapt to new workflows. Its components have been specially modified to meet the demands of lean processes – they are light in weight, exhibit long-lasting stability and feature a modular design. 


Custom factory equipment

Systematic lean production  

All the components of the item Lean Production Building Kit System are perfectly suited for use in lean production. Tube D30 and Profile Tube D30 form the basic structure of all designs. D30 aluminium profiles and fasteners can be assembled directly on site to build sturdy racks and factory equipment. All connections are stable as soon as they have been tightened.

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Custom factory equipment
Efficient internal plant logistics

Efficient internal plant logistics

Material supply made easy

The rapid construction of flow racks and a huge selection of roller conveyors make it especially easy to work with standardised containers and workpiece carriers for intralogistics. Keep everything flowing smoothly – with the help of the material supply components from the item Lean Production Building Kit System, you can implement your intralogistics solution easily and reliably.  

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Karakuri/LCA (low-cost automation)

Intelligent automation 

There’s more than one way to automate intralogistics and lean manufacturing. Karakuri/LCA, also known as low-cost automation, is an ideal solution – mechanical automation solutions without drives, electricity or compressed air take the strain off employees and make processes more efficient by exploiting the laws of gravity and mechanics.


Karakuri/LCA (low-cost automation)
Lean production – an expert guide

Lean production – an expert guide

Free expertise 

What does “lean” actually mean, and what steps need to be taken to effectively optimise production processes and material supply? How exactly can a Lean Production Building Kit System help? Find out more in our guidelines and practical tips for using and building cost-effective factory equipment for lean processes.   


Lean Production Building Kit System – practical application examples

Optimised internal plant logistics and more 

Profile Tube System D30 produces light, stable and highly adaptable applications for lean production and intralogistics. These range from ergonomic material handling with manually-operated Karakuri/LCA mechanics and flow racks with roller conveyors right through to hand trolleys with working surfaces and storage shelves. See for yourself!


Lean Production Building Kit System – practical application examples
Reliable intralogistics

Reliable intralogistics

Stable, versatile material 

Intralogistics solutions benefit from strong roller elements and stable constructions that can withstand continuous loading on a daily basis as part of goods transport systems. That’s precisely what the item Lean Production Building Kit System can offer your company’s intralogistics. The end result is high availability and minimal maintenance costs, which can only benefit your production logistics.

The flexibility of the lean system ensures you can adapt your factory equipment at any time – for instance, if external factors are affecting your internal logistics. At the same time, the innovative fasteners ensure your intralogistics constructions are totally secure, which also minimises the maintenance costs associated with material supply.

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